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    6 Foods that put you in a good mood

    How practicing our favorite sport, spending time with our family or friends, even going to the movies, is proven to bring out the good mood. For many people, food is also an injection of happiness. Food has the potential to affect mood and has the power to make a person vary their mood depending on […] More

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    8 foods that will help you have less heavy digestions

    We all know how uncomfortable it is to have a heavy digestion after a binge or an excessively heavy meal. That is why we propose a series of foods that will help you to make that digestion lighter and your stomach does not have to do an excessive work. Ginger Ginger helps relieve nausea and […] More

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    5 things that happen if you eat 2 dates every day

      Dates are small, oval fruits of the date palm that are grown in tropical climates. Due to the distance they must travel to reach the tables, dates are often sold dried, which concentrates their sweetness and gives them a pleasant texture. Honestly, dates can be very similar to jelly beans, except that they are […] More