6 Foods that put you in a good mood


2. Vegetables

El top ten de las verduras y frutas más energéticas - Frutas Alex ...

As with fruit, vegetables in general also increase the good mood of the people who eat them. Studies carried out by prestigious centres such as the University of Warwick (England) or the University of Queensland (Australia) indicate that consuming the quantity and variety of vegetables on a daily basis has a very positive impact on the state of mind and the feeling of happiness. In this sense they stand out:

  • Broccoli

This variety of vegetable is notable for its content of vitamin B, specifically cobalamin (B12) and folic acid (B9). This vitamin plays an important role in the secretion of dopamine, the so-called ‘happiness hormone’. On the other hand, broccoli also improves the quality of sleep by its contributions of calcium and magnesium, making the night more restorative.

  • Spinach

Spinach is also an important source of folic acid as is the case with broccoli. This improves mood and reduces stress levels.