10 things you surely did not know about yoga

The yoga that lasts through the centuries

We believe that we have been living in a stressed and stressful society for not so many years, because perhaps we are not aware that the human being has been immersed in the hustle and bustle of his worries since the world is world. Yoga confirms this, as it is a discipline that seeks harmony between body and mind and is supported by meditation. As Patanjali said, in the third century BC, «yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind», because already at that time it was considered that we thought too much, that we did it in a chaotic way and that the true secret of our well-being consists in knowing how to focus.

The word yoga comes from Sanskrit

Yoga Sanskrit Calligraphy – rod hillen art
Today the word yoga is accepted and collected by the RAE dictionary, but it originally comes from Sanskrit. It means something as graphic as putting a yoke on two oxen, so that the path of both is the same and to take advantage of their energy. This is a metaphor, when you meditate you are connected, a union is produced and efforts are concentrated.