5 exercises to stretch your fascias and gain flexibility

We will tell you how to do it, how to regain your flexibility and favour your general well-being easily.

Do you feel stiff or flexible? Can you easily perform the movements that your daily activities demand? Do you enjoy dancing or practicing a little demanding physical exercise?

Flexibility is an indicator of physical wellbeing and can be improved with specific stretching and exercise.

Flexibility also reflects on the functioning of the mind and emotions. It is easy to see that people who think rigidly, inflexibly, or who repress their emotions show a lack of flexibility and harmony in their movements.

The degree of flexibility depends largely on the state of the fascial system, which is made up of tissues of different density, resistance and flexibility. This system compacts, shapes, compartmentalizes and stabilizes the organism.

In addition, it is connected to the nervous system and informs it of the mechanical stresses experienced by our body. It is therefore also a sensitive system that responds to the influence of our emotions.

We propose several exercises that help you to stretch and that work the fascial tissue.


1. Stretch the tensor muscle and the gluteus

8 ejercicios para estirar tus fascias y ganar flexibilidad

  • Rest your forearms on the back of a chair, interlocking your hands, or hold on to a support point that allows you to stretch your arms and drop the weight of your torso forward to the floor.
  • Extend one knee and bend the other in front, bringing your foot as far back as you can.
  • Tilt your pelvis toward the bent knee.
  • Breathe deeply into the lower back on the side of the bent leg.
  • Always appreciate how it stretches.