5 exercises to stretch your fascias and gain flexibility

4. Gently relax the abdomen (part I)

Elige el bloque de yoga perfecto | Yogateca

  • Place one yoga block between the shoulder blades and the other block under the skull.
  • When you breathe, make sure that the exhalations serve to stretch the abdominal visceral package. And in the inspirations visualize how the air passes between the intrathoracic viscera.
  • You can incorporate 3-5 second apneas at the end of each breathing time.

5. Gently relax the abdomen (part II)

  • Lying face down, with your forehead resting on your hands, place a “rhythmic ball” under your abdomen or, if you do not have one, simply a tennis ball wrapped in a cushion.
  • Rest your ankles on another cushion.
  • When the initial feeling of pressure decreases, you can make gentle circular movements on the ball to provide a pleasant massage.