The 28 most beautiful dream beaches in the world


22. Island of Pigs – Bahamas

Excursión de un día en ferry a las islas tropicales de Gran ...

Usually being called a pig is an insult, but in this case that is the most attractive thing about this beach.

Would you like to see something unique? Clear sand, turquoise waters, this beach is called “Island of Pigs” by the tropical pigs that roam it. These little pigs are friendly, and although no one is sure how they got there, that hasn’t stopped them from thriving.


Cayo Largo del Sur, un paraíso en Cuba - Cualquier Destino

The privateer Francis Drake and also Christopher Columbus landed in Key Largo before crossing the Atlantic. Five centuries later, that island located 177 kilometers off the southwest coast of Cuba is a unique destination to enjoy the sun and waters of the Caribbean. The Sirena, Lindamar and Paraiso beaches, with dwarf palms leaning over the white sand, preserve the image of Eden found by ancient sailors. Cayo Largo is connected by boat to Varadero and by plane to Havana, the Cuban capital.



Descubre las Islas Cook y enamorate de ellas | El Souvenir

The coral islet of Tapuaetai (“the one-foot island” in Maori) is home to the most famous beach in this South Pacific archipelago.

The largest of the hundred or so islands in the Whitsunday Archipelago off Australia’s east coast, it is an excellent first contact with the Great Barrier Reef. In 1770 Captain James Cook briefly landed on its sand and certified its beauty in the expedition logbook. Unlike other islands in the Queensland region, the hinterland is mountainous and covered with lush vegetation, while dwarf palms grow on the beaches and pointed fossils emerge from the sand.